American Mosaic: An NYC Exploration with Your Grandchild // Road Scholar

Since 1886, the copper silhouette of Lady Liberty has welcomed millions of immigrants to New York City, lighting the way to freedom with her sparkling torch. Learn the stories of these American dreamers as you and your grandchild follow in the footsteps of countless other families who passed through the gateway at Ellis Island. Together you’ll visit Little Italy and Chinatown to find out about how immigrant communities formed throughout history and learn about more recent international relations as you go behind the scenes at the U.N. headquarters. Then use your lessons on immigration throughout history to start conversations with your grandchild about your own ethnic heritage and family roots.

Trip Provider:
Road Scholar


North and Central America
United States


New York

Time of Year

Jan-March 2018


$ (less than $1,000 USD)


One Day or Less