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Experience the countryside of Mistra and Selmun
Malta has a beautiful coastline and countryside that has a unique Maltese flavour. Rubble walls and limestone footpaths provide a distinct contrast from the busy towns. October to April will find the countryside green and abundant with flowers intertwined with a history that covers hundreds of years. We have teamed up with Steve Vella (Dip. Agric. and author of www.maltawildplants.com) to offer guided walks through some of Malta’s beautiful countryside. Steve brings considerable knowledge of Malta’s fauna and flora to lead you on the walk and help you experience Malta at its best. We have put together a selection of walks, short and long, for the young and old. Your walk will be so much more interesting with our friendly guide explaining about the nature you encounter and taking you through several ‘secret’ paths to see the best panoramic sites of the northeast of the island.

Type of walk:
This is a peaceful walk along grass pathways and rock stepping. Due to the nature of Maltese topography some pathways are steep. Recommended for any ages and people who are in good state of health and can make long walks. Difficulty level for this 8-9km walk is ranked as moderate. However no fears, as there are several stops during the walk when some interesting plant or panoramic view is met. General knowledge about the islands is given during the walk. There will be ample time for short rests, own-exploration and photography. The leader is an expert photographer himself so you can abuse for some great photos!

Trip Provider:
Malta Nature Tours



Time of Year

Jan-March 2019


$ (less than $1,000 USD)


One Day or Less

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