The Maya and Beyond // Road Scholar

The turquoise waters of the Western Caribbean are home to a vibrant history filled with Mayan culture, pirate lore and European influences. Trace these stories on a voyage that begins in Tampa, Fla., and winds along the coastlines of Mexico, Roatan and Guatemala. Learn about the legacy of the Maya as you explore the ruins of ancient temples and cities, and meet local members of the Maya community who share a look into every day life. Consider the influences of European explorers as you discover bustling port cities and looming fortresses that once guarded against pirates. While at sea, attend lectures that further illustrate the fascinating stories of the Caribbean.

Trip Provider:
Road Scholar


North and Central America

Time of Year

Jan-March 2019


$$ ($1,000 - $5,000 USD)


Six to Fourteen Days

Specific Trip Dates

Feb 3, 2019